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Hotel Mhynstan raheb Kashan

 Kashan is one of the cities of Isfahan province, consisting of four central parts: Qamsar, Niasser and Barzak .

Neighbors of Kashan are from the northern salt desert, south of Natanz, southwest of Meyma and west of Delijan.

Kashan is one of the old cities of our country that has lived in an area called Sialk since 7,500 years ago; It is 2 km southwest of Kashan.

Kashan has many tourist attractions that have thrived in the city and attracts long and close travelers to and from the city. The most important tourist attractions of Kashan are the bath and garden of Finn, the traditional bazaar,the historical houses ( Tabatabaei house , Borujerdi house) ,  the Aga Bozorg mosque, the Kashan Jame mosque, the Sultan Mir Ahmad historical bath, Niasser cave , Kashan Sialk hills , Noshabad Abad anderground city , Making  Rose water in  Qhamsar, Niassar Waterfall and Niassar Gardens.

In addition to Kashan guests can visit  the historic Abyaneh village  is located a short distance from Kashan city. To see also, the traditional texture of the village is preserved in its original form and is full of traces of  beautiful and attractive.

One of the tourist attractions in Kashan is Maranjab Desert, where you can experience camel riding in the desert and exciting safari in the sandy mountains.


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