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Tabriz is the third largest city of Iran, Tabriz is the historical and proud center of East Azerbaijan province. It was once a small village near the high mountains of Sahand and was once the capital of Iran.

Tabriz has been the capital of Iran during various periods of history such as the Atabakan, Kharazmshahian, Ilkhanid, Qara Ghoyunlu, Aq Ghoyunlu , Safavid and Qajar periods.

Tabriz was repeatedly destroyed by horrible and devastating earthquakes, but rebuilt again with the help of men and

women such as Sattar khan, Bagher Khan, Parvin Etesami and many others.

Tabriz is a historic city and many ancient and ancient monuments such as the Blue Mosque, the Azerbaijan Museum .

Tabriz is famous for its many natural attractions, such as Kandovan village and Arasbaran forests.

Tabriz has handmades and precious souvenirs that include Tabriz rugs, carpets and leather.

Tabriz's historic sights are :

Tabriz's historic Grand Bazaar, which holds the title of the world's largest indoor Bazaar and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site..

 Alishah Citadel , El Goli Sightseeing Park, Al-Shoara Tomb (Shahriar Tomb) , Blue Mosque,

Tabriz Jameh Mosque, Miniature Park , Numerous Museums (Azeri Museum, Iron Age Museum,...)

And the beautiful old houses  :

 Mashruteh House , Amir Nezam House ,are part of the attractions of Tabriz as a tourist city




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