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Shiraz has been the heart of Iran's science and culture, history and poetry since 2000 years ago. 

The city of Shiraz can be considered the most important city in the world of Islam. 

Shiraz is renowned for its great poets and tourists from Iran will first visit it. 

 Shiraz is a city of Iranian and Iranian origin , the largest Persepolis in Shiraz was once the capital of the world , This city has plenty of culture and ethnicity from Fars to Ler and Turks. 

Poetries City, Hafez and Saadi City. A city with unique gardens , exquisite mosques and ancient echoes of whispers .

Electronic city of Iran and the middle east eye Medicine Center . 

Shiraz was also the capital of Zandy's government , A dynasty with the most beautiful old buildings . And ultimately the city of Shiraz is "Paradise of tourists"

The beautiful sights of Shiraz are : Persepolis Complex & Pasargad , Qur'an Gate , Vakil Complex (Bazar & Bath & Mosque) , Nasir Ol Molk Mosque , Shah E Cheragh Mosque, Eram Garden , Karim Khan Castle ,Tomb of Saadi & Hafez

Another attraction of Shiraz is the beautiful nature around it , for example , the lost paradise and the magnificent waterfall of  Margoon .






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