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Rasht is one of the most advanced and largest cities in Iran.

Rasht should be officially named the largest Gilaki gathering center in the world. This beautiful city is full of tourist attractions, Rasht is one of the greenest provinces of the country with a always pleasant and temperate climate.

Rasht is on the list of 9 countries in the world in terms of food and food diversity.

Rasht's famous attractions include : Rasht Municipality Square, built in the Pahlavi period in year 6 They have designed and built this building with a focus on the classical art of European construction, especially Russian architecture, The open market in Rasht, where all kinds of food and non-food products are sold, Saravan Forest Park is located 2 kilometers from Rasht. The forest captures all the beauty of the season in every season and is a symbol of the beauty of spring, summer, fall and winter.

The sights of Anzali Port, which has a variety of natural and cultural attractions, attracts many tourists from all over Iran every year to this city, which is called Little Europe because of its harbor location and high rainfall.

Anzali Lagoon attracts a large number of tourists each year. This is one of the most important sights in Anzali Port, one of the most important lagoons in the country and is located southwest of Anzali. The habitat of more than 100 species of native and migratory birds is 4 species of fish and, despite the marsh tulips and water lilies that have a magnificent landscape, create a unique destination for nature tourism. Boating on the lagoon will be one of the most enjoyable memories of your trip to Anzali Port.

Masal is the land of high waterfalls, forests and high rivers. Masal is a place where you can watch the wooden huts when you leave the fog.



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