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Lorestan Province is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran, with its mild climate and lush nature, it is a tourist destination for many travelers both from inside and outside the country.

Lorestan is one of the western provinces of Iran, where it is popular with tourists for its oak forests, mountains and waterfalls.

The province is located in a mountainous area and most of it is covered by the Zagros Mountains. Khorram Abad is the capital of the province and as the name implies, Khorram Abad is a pleasant and climate city that has been dubbed the city of Iranian springs. And its important cities are Khorramabad, Boroujerd, Dorood, Poldokhtar, Oligodarz and more. Lorestan has a variety of climates and atmospheric conditions vary in the north, south, west and east. Winter in the northern parts of the province is snowy and snowy but in temperate southern parts. The province has three different cold mountainous, temperate central and warm southern climates. The best time to travel to this province is in spring and especially in May because nature is so beautiful. Lorestan province, with its pristine nature and long history, is full of tourist attractions. Here are a few of these attractions: Rocky Whirlpool, Falak Al-Falak Castle, Lake Qiu, Bisheh Waterfall



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