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Lahijan is the largest and most populous city east of Gilan province, Lahijan is one of the Gilaki towns and its people speak Gilaki

It is located in a foothills area and its hills are covered with beautiful and lush tea bushes, Lahijan has very attractive natural landscapes and attractions, The city boasts one of the most beautiful mountains in the region and easy access to the foothills with lush tea gardens and rice fields and numerous springs in the tourism sector

The city of Lahijan has long been the center of silk trading and has had the largest share in its production and export

Muhammad Khan Qajar Qwanloo, nicknamed Kashf al-Saltanah, known as the tea farmer, he cropped tea in Lahijan in 1319 He is actually called the father of tea in Iran

Lahijan's climate is mild, humid, and the mountainous climate cold and pleasant. In fact, Lahijan's climate is Mediterranean

Lahijan has beautiful landscapes, many spectacular landscapes such as: Lahijan beautiful Pool, Satan Mountain, Green Roof, Waterfall, National Garden, Amir Kalaye International Wetland, Green Tea Gardens, Tea History Museum, Golshan Bath, Dodzban Castle, as well as  Lahijan Telecabin that annually attracts domestic and foreign tourists to Lahijan as one of the most beautiful cities in Iran




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