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Kish Island1

Kish Island, one of the islands of the Persian Gulf, is located in Bandar Lengeh County in Hormozgan Province. The island is one of the most scenic spots in Hormozgan. Kish Island is elliptical and is located 2 km from the Shibkuh coast.

Kish Island is all about relaxation and is very suitable for those who like to spend some time away from the bustle of the city. The serenity and tranquility of the island of Kish have caused many to travel to the island.

Kish is warm and dry in the climate. The area is affected by desert climate and has long hot summers and short, temperate winters. The island of Kish is generally low rainfall and dry, with rain and floods usually occurring during the winter months. Humidity is also high on the island and sometimes reaches 5% in summer. According to the weather conditions in Kish, The best time for Kish is from January to April , Because at this time, the weather in Kish is very pleasant.

Kish Island has abundant vegetation in different parts of the island. Among the plants found in this area are Palm Gardens, native and non-native Green Tree (Lour), Manna, Coconut, Eucalyptus and many ornamental trees that are adapted to the climate. It is a region with high resistance to dehydration and heat.

The sights of Kish Island include: The beautiful beach of Kish,with strange Coral Reefs, the ancient city and the Kariz aqueduct, the Greek ship at sunset when the sky turns orange and purple, the scenery of the ship is very poetic, Recreative port with recreational services such as jet skiing, pedal boats, fishing boats, rowing boats, tricycles, scuba diving and glass boats, ancient city of Harare, dolphin parks, bird gardens, visiting island sea turtles, the turtles the island has two types, the eagle snout turtle and the second type green turtle come to the island for feeding but the types Eagle snout , strongly at risk of extinction , come and lay eggs on the sandy beaches after spawning to help the guards to sea. During the turtle's hatching season, in coordination with the Marine Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Center, it is possible to watch the turtle during the night and then lay the turtles, laying off their nests and entering the Persian Gulf. It's a memorable memory. 



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