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آرامگاه بابا طاهر عریان


Hamadan, which is called Hekmataneh or Ekbatan in old history is located in a mountainous region in the west of Iran , It has been the first capital of the Aryans.

A trip to Hamadan is a trip to the heart of Iranian history, cycling and sailing in the Ali-Sadr Cave , one of the most beautiful water caves in the world, dating back 190 million years .

Getting to know the land of the Medes by visiting Hegmataneh hills dating back to 3000 years .

Traveling to the summer capital of Cyrus the Achaemenid kingdom of the Parthians and the Sasanians , seeing the inscriptions of Ganjnameh stone inscriptions with a cuneiform.

Visiting the Tombs of Baba Taher ( Iranian famous poet) , Tomb of Avicenna ( Iranian famous scientis ) , Hamedan historical square and Hamedan Castle bath are so memorable .

One of the tourist attractions of Hamadan is Lalejin Pottery city , Seeing the pottery technique and doing it and buying the most beautiful pottery .



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