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 Ardebil province is located in northwestern Iran and is known for its countryside due to its favorable climate. The province has a mix of natural and historical tourist attractions. Ardebil's name is inscribed on the Sumerian tablets and it is a five-thousand-year-old history. The shrine and monument of Sheikh Safiuddin is the city's most important tourist attraction, which is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ardebil hosts Shorabil, one of the largest natural lakes within Iran. It has a variety of amenities such as boating, cycling and walking around the lake.

Ardebil Jame Mosque or Friday Mosque is a reminder of the Seljuk era.

The city of Sarein in Ardebil province, famous for its hot springs, draws many travelers to the city. Many water treatment complexes operate in Sarein. The ancient hills of Anahita and the Alvarez ski resort are other tourist attractions in Sarein.

Kandovan is one of the three rocky villages in the world that makes it unique near Ardabil city. The style of construction of the houses in this village is of rock architecture, in the form of a cone or a carol. Some archaeologists attribute this village to the pre-Islamic era.

The Khalkhal Dream Road connects Ardebil to Gilan province with Islam. With its enchanting scenery, this road will make your driving fun and will often force you to stop and immerse yourself in unmatched beauty.




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